Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Africa, Here We Come

by Debi

When I was a young girl I dreamed of going on a mission with my husband.  Since we were newlyweds Greg and I have talked for hours about going on a mission together.

I always said that I would leave my family and go and serve but NOT TO AFRICA!  I dreamed of the visitor center in Hawaii. Maybe we could serve a temple mission in New Zealand.  I saw some missionaries planting flowers in Kirtland, Ohio.  Now that would be a very wonderful mission. 

When our mission call came we each had our own letter.  I opened mine to see the words “West Africa Area”.  We weren’t even going to a specific mission.  We are to serve under the direction of the Area Presidency and I was to be the Assistant to the Area Auditor.  Well, I am sure you can guess who the Area Auditor will be!  Yes, I will be Greg’s assistant.  What else is new?  I have been doing that for 37 years.  I think I can do it for another two years. Actually I am thrilled to be his assistant.  I will love helping Greg and serving the Lord.

After all of the excitement of getting our call, reality set in and we had a lot to do.  Every day Greg and I have a full list of work, errands, and projects to accomplish.  Our daughter, Judi, and her husband, Mike, and their two little boys are going to come and live in our house.  I feel like the pressure is on to have every closet, every drawer, and every cupboard cleaned out.  I also feel the pressure of having everything in good working order.  We have repaired the water softener, fixed locks, replaced door knobs, and etc, etc.  We also have a huge yard and we have been trying to get everything in good shape so it won’t be too big of a chore for Judi and Mike.

After all is said and done it all boils down to this one thing.  I have a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God’s true church here on earth.  I have made promises to give all that I have to building up the kingdom of God here on this earth.  This is why I am going on a mission.  This is why I am leaving my precious little grandchildren that I will miss so dearly.  This is why I am leaving my seven daughters, their families, and my one son and his family.  If I didn’t have this testimony and faith I would never leave my family.  They are too important to me.  I will miss them terribly. The one huge comfort that I have is Greg will be there with me.  We will be a team and we will love each other and support each other
and take care of each other.

The moral of the story, don’t say out loud where you will not go.  You will probably be called there just to test your faith.  So Africa here I come.  (Maybe next time I will say “I will go and serve but NOT TO HAWAII!)


  1. Oh, you guys are so fantastic! I am so proud of you for being so willing to serve. I think there should be a rule that if you serve in Africa you are guaranteed a spot in the Hawaii visitor's center when you decide to go again!! (But don't decide to go again for a while...we miss you too much already!)
    Excellent writing, Mom! You are a blogger now and a great one at that. I love you!

  2. You made me cry. I miss you already.

  3. We are so proud of you...I am like Katie crying over everything.

    I love you!


  4. I started out laughing about how you said you'd go anywhere but africa... then I ended with tears thinking about how hard it will be for eveyone involved to have you so far away! You'll be amazing, but we will ALL miss you!!