Monday, September 3, 2012

We are in the MTC

We are in the MTC!


By Greg:
We have a lot of luggage-it took an entire district to move it at the MTC


What an incredible place.  We are here with over 2,700 missionaries.  The MTC is nearly at capacity.  This is the largest group of seniors they have had.  There are 118 seniors (not couples but individuals).  You can really see this crowd at dinner time.  What a sight.  I am just overwhelmed with the sea of white shirts and ties (and a lot of pretty darn cute sister missionaries).


Wayne and Jan picked us up and drove us here.  We were told to arrive between 10:30 and 11:00.  We were met by a district of Korean bound Elders who acted as our porters and guides.  They took us to our room, which is as nice as most hotels we have stayed in.  Some of the seniors are being lodged at the Marriott.


We were then taken to a big room and it was like we used to register for school in the old days. 

Station #1-pick up packets and bill for the week’s lodging

Station #2-pick up name tags

Station #3-group in the middle-a young sister gave us our ministerial certificates and had us sign them

Station #4-Meet our ecclesiastical leader for the week

Station #5-Check with the medical desk, review immunizations

Station#6-get picture taken and pick up our identification cards


We then went to lunch.  Again, it was incredible—not the food, which was good and there were a lot of choices—but just seeing the huge number of Elders and Sisters.  We met one sister, who was going to Russia.  She told us that the “fat” food was to the right, several different options—full dinner options, the fatter food was over there—burgers, fries, etc. and the healthy stuff was straight ahead—wraps, salads, soups.  We went straight ahead.


At 1:00 we went to our first meeting.  We opened with Called to Serve, and then a young Elder sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief as well as I have ever heard it sung.  The MTC mission presidency then spoke, along with wives.  They went around and had us all stand and introduce ourselves: name, where we were going, what we were going to do, how many missions have we served (not counting as a young missionary).  This took some time as a few wanted to add more, but they kept it pretty tight.  We were all over the world, but about half were in the US.  One couple said this was their fifth mission.  A lot said this was not their first.


After several very good talks, we had a break and then some more training.  Then they broke us up into districts.  I am a District Leader.  Even though they said that it was against the rules to have a heart attack, if someone has one (it is against the rules!) the district leader is responsible to stop it.  Not really, but almost.


We then went back to our room and unpacked and organized ourselves and prepared for the week.  We had dinner and now we have some “free” time to study and relax and write on our blog.


I am not exaggerating when I say there is something very special and different here.  The flowers are beautiful, the building are organized, the people friendly, the missionaries happy.  We feel it.  I am really pumped.


I am so happy to be a missionary and I am especially happy that I have this beautiful sister in my district that I am madly in love with.


Oh, one more thing.  Clint, I saw a lot of elders having cold cereal at both lunch and dinner.


  1. So happy and excited for you both. And I love that I get to follow along with you. I know everyone is missing you right now, but I feel more in touch than I have for a long time! five Debi an extra hug for me! Love you both!

  2. I meant "give" her an extra hug (but a high five works too!

    (also, in case you were wondering, I use Google reader so every time you post something it pops up kind of like an email. I promise I actually do get other things done besides reading and commenting on blogs!)

  3. Mary and I have started reading your blog together, you guys are an inspiration! Go Team Haws!

  4. Oh Dad and Mom I love you. When Clint left I waited for the first letter to make sure he was ok. This is how I feel so thank you for the post. It was good to hear that you are ok. I am happy you have each other. I love you both.

  5. Mom and Dad,

    I am so glad you are safe and sound at the MTC and that you are all settled. It sounds so exciting. I don't know if one of the Elders who took your baggage to your room was Elder Devin Bennett, but James's best friend Tyler's brother is in the MTC right now and he is going to Korea. He is a really handsome kid. If you see him say Hi and ask him how he is doing. Thanks for writing so soon, I am really relieved to hear your "voice".


  6. It is so fun to read about your day! I hope there are many more posts to come and that you don't get too busy to blog. My parents told us about dropping you off. Sounds like an adventure! Thanks again for the update!

  7. I love reading this! I am so glad you are settled. And so happy you are madly in love!! Owen doesn't want me to type right now...but I love you and keep it up!

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  9. Mom and Dad, You are alive! I have avoided the computer for a couple days because emotions were high but I was glad to get on today and see your smiling faces and to know you got off safely. I love you both. Keep up the good posts.
    Love, Joni