Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christamas

By Greg:

In Africa, the women carried everything on their heads--I was trying to teach this to these Elders

Merry Christmas, Darlings

One of our favorite Christmas songs is sung by the Carpenters.  This was a brother-sister group that was popular when we were dating.  The song begins, Merry Christmas Darling…we are apart its true...but in my mind I am Christmasing with you!

Last year we were half way around the world in hot Africa.  We missed all of you so much.  We were hot, and it was hard to really feel like it was really Christmas.

Well, this year we are not so far away, but it is sooo cold, and “it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas” here in Missouri.  Still, we miss all of you so much.

We almost wrote that if we had our choice, we would be with you this Christmas, but that would be wrong, because we have our choice, and we made the decision to go on a mission, and leave you, because we love the Lord and are so grateful for all he has done for us.  We also know that the Restored Gospel is true and it is the way for all of God’s children to find happiness.

We know that Jesus was born into a wicked world to save us.  We want all of you to know we love you, and miss you, and nothing but this would separate us.  But know this, that what separates us now is what will bind us together forever.

Merry Christmas,

Elder Greg and Sister  Debi Haws

Christmas 2013
By Debi:

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

We have had a wonderful but busy week to help us feel the Christmas spirit.

 Last Monday we had our Young Single Adult Christmas Dinner.  It was a smashing success.  We sent invitations out to 90 YSAs and we also invited the Stake Presidency and their families.

The Christmas decorations were beautiful and the meal was perfect.  We felt so thrilled with the turn out. 

The YSAs were suppose to wear ugly Christmas sweaters.  We had a lot of fun seeing the crazy sweaters.

We also had a white elephant exchange.  A lot of screaming, stealing, and laughing went on for about an hour. 

It was a wonderful night and we felt so good about the great turn out.

This week we also had 22 new Elders and Sister arrive on Wednesday.  We were privileged to go to the airport and pick two Elders up from the Mexico MTC.  They are so excited for the work and ready to go.

Then the next day we helped take the missionaries that were going home.  We were asked to go to the Temple with them and with President and Sister Keyes. While President and Sister Keyes took the departing missionaries to the airport we took two sisters back to the office to meet their families who were coming to pick them up.  This is Elder David Haws.  He is from Coleville, Utah and we were happy to claim him as family.  He has been a great Elder and now he is home with his family for Christmas.

What a different experience we had those two days.  Wednesday everyone was so excited and anxious to start their mission.  Thursday there were a lot of tears and heavy hearts to be going home and taking off their missionary tag. This is a real testimony that this work is true.  Watching the desire and strength of these seasoned Elders and Sisters is amazing.  Their mission experience will be a blessing for the rest of their lives.

God lives! Jesus is the Christ! and their plan of happiness is the only way to true happiness and the only path to return to our Heaven Home.


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  1. I love reading every word you write! Dad, I see you are the only one to be able to hold things on your head, and mom, you look so cute in all of the pictures!! Miss you lots, but great job!