Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a difference a week can make!

By Greg:

I realize that I was pretty graphic last week as I described my illness.  Well, it is Saturday morning and I have had three or four good nights and I have been able to go back to work, at least part of the day.

We have a big training meeting with all of the Assistant Area Auditors from across the Area this coming week, so we have had to get ready for this. Debi had done most of the leg work, but there were things that I had to do.

Debi looks so radiant in her new dresses


Before I got sick, Debi had two new dresses made.  I should have posted her pictures last week to balance out the "sickness" message.  Anyway, here they are.  The African styles are so lovely, and the patterns so colorful, and Debi reports the dresses are very comfortable.


Debi bought the cloth, then had Fastima make the dress
We have been without air-conditioning again these last couple of days.  Some engineers from Salt Lake are here to "solve" the problem.  We thought when they installed the new A/C system that the problem was solved, but apparently not.
Well, because we have been pretty home bound, we do not have many pictures this week.  We will try to do better in the future. 
By Debi:
We have had a couple of rough weeks.  I have let Greg do the writing because I really didn't want to tell his own story.
Of course, I have been very concerned about Greg and his condition.  I have put all of my mothering and nursing skills in high gear and tried to follow all of the Doctor's orders to the "T".  I am pleased to say that Greg is getting stronger each day. 
I have gotten a better appreciation for young Elders who get sick on their missions.  Even though I am here with Greg and taking care of everything it is still hard not to feel homesick and wanting to be in familiar surroundings while Greg has been sick.


I am so thankful for everyone's faith and prayers in Greg's behalf.   
This week will bring some new news I am sure.  We have our semi-annual training for our Assistant Area Auditors. They will fly in from 6 other countries and speak several languages. We are prepared for a wonderful conference.  We are so excited to see these wonderful brethren in the gospel that we have grown to love and have great respect.
We still need your support and prayers. 
Thank you with our deepest gratitude.


  1. So happy to hear you are doing better!

  2. You still have our love and support! I hope the homesickness goes away a little this week as dad keeps improving. I'm sure that has been very hard. We miss you much but we know how needed you are in Africa. Good luck with the conference this week. We love you dearly!!

  3. Oh, and Mom, you look beautiful!! I love those dresses on you. :)